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Mitigation Services


  • Definition: Mitigation involves taking immediate actions to minimize the impact of a disaster or damage and prevent further deterioration. Mitigation is something that happens before the renovation process starts.
  • Fire Damage
  • Water or Flood Damage
  • Storm Damage
Insurance Repair & Restoration

F&M Group Inc. is a licenced insurance repair and restoration contractor. We work as a dedicated partner for customers, handling all aspects of the restoration process. From damage assessment to coordinating with insurance providers and executing repairs, their comprehensive services aim to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. 

Electrical Repair

F&M Group Inc. is a Virginia Licensed Electrician/Contrator, 2705054551.

We specialize in providing electrical services tailored to the needs of renovation projects. These professionals are skilled in upgrading, modifying, and installing electrical systems to meet modern standards and accommodate the evolving needs of a renovated space. Whether it’s rewiring, installing new fixtures, upgrading, or ensuring compliance with local building codes.

Exterior Renovations

F&M Group Inc. specializes in comprehensive exterior renovations, offering a wide range of services to enhance and transform the outer appearance of residential and commercial properties. Based in Virginia, this renovation company is dedicated to providing high-quality craftsmanship and personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

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One Call And We Do It All

Exteriors & Renovations

Welcome to F&M Group Inc.

Your trusted partner in construction mitigation, restoration, and exterior transformations. Located at 12750 Route 1, Suite 315 in Chester, Virginia 23831, and 2200 Old Williamsburg Rd Yorktown VA. 23690

our company boasts over 26 years of unparalleled experience in the Insurance industry construction mitigation and restoration business.

With 26 years of industry expertise, F&M Group Inc. excels in coordinating projects from inception to completion. We collaborate closely with our clients and insurance Carriers, developing comprehensive scopes of work that guarantee a successful restoration journey.

As part of a Managed Repair Program, your Carrier has chosen our firm to represent them throughout the entire process. At F&M Group Inc., we serve as your dedicated one-stop resource, ensuring a swift return to normalcy. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with years of experience, makes us the preferred choice for those seeking reliable and efficient exterior transformations, renovations, and restoration services.

Experience the difference with F&M Group Inc. – where quality meets expertise, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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What WE Do and The Process Of Mitigation Restoration Estimations

The Initial Assessment Phase

In the initial assessment phase, adjusters often don’t physically inspect the damage. Instead, they task us, the mitigation and restoration estimators, to evaluate the extent of the damage. I have been an adjuster for 19 years, and in such cases, we become the assigned mitigation/restoration firm for the carrier.

Our role involves handling the initial visit on behalf of the carrier. We connect with the desk adjuster, conduct an initial onsite assessment (if we are the first on the scene), and secure the necessary approvals to proceed with mitigating further damage. Subsequently, we generate the estimate for the carrier.

It’s crucial to note that the cause of loss is not covered by the insurance. Determining the cause of loss involves identifying what broke or triggered the larger issue. Once the cause of loss is established, the homeowner is responsible for covering the associated costs out of pocket. This expense is separate from the deductible, and no mitigation efforts can commence until the cause of loss is repaired.

Please continue reading this importaant information to help you, the homeowner or business owner have a better understanding of the Mitigation Process.”

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Navigating the Insurance Claims Process for House Damage in Virginia: A Comprehensive Guide

“FYI: Many homeowners don’t realize that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay your home renovation contractor yourself, not your insurance company.
Your insurance company will issue you or your mortgage company a check for the repairs after your deductible has been paid. The amount may or may not cover the full amount of the contractor’s estimate, but you will have to pay the contractor yourself.”

What to Know

Dealing with damage to your home can be a stressful experience, but having a clear understanding of the insurance claims process in Virginia can make the situation more manageable. This article will guide you through the essential steps, responsibilities, and considerations when filing an insurance claim for house damage in the state of Virginia.

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